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The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR)

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This site provides access to two unique BRIMR datasets:

  • Authoritative annual rankings of NIH funding to individual researchers and academic institutions; and
  • A comprehensive list of the chemical, pharmacological, and clinical characteristics of all protein-kinase inhibitor drugs approved by the FDA.   

We are proud to make these data available as resources for the scientific community.


The 2024 federal fiscal year is currently underway and will end on 30 September 2024. NIH is expected to release its official compilation of 2024 awards approximately three months after the fiscal year ends, and BRIMR will post a modified draft version of that dataset on this website soon thereafter for public review. Individual grantees and their institutions are encouraged to watch this site closely during January-February 2025 to confirm that their own awards are accurately listed or to provide any needed corrections to the draft during the four-week review period, after which it will serve as the basis for all of BRIMR’s 2024 rankings.

BRIMR’s rankings of 2023 awards are now available, providing a comprehensive analysis of NIH support to institutions, schools, departments, and investigators that year. In addition to our usual array of standings, we have recently added a new ranking of NIH-funded Schools of Osteopathic Medicine, which we invite you to view alongside those of other professional schools, now and in the years ahead.

Complete data for prior years 2006-2022 are also available and can be accessed in the navigation menu at the top of each page. For questions, please feel free to contact us at .

Protein Kinase Inhibitors

There are 81 FDA-approved small molecule protein kinase inhibitors as of 27 April 2024. View them here.

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