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BRIMR Rankings of NIH Funding in 2007

as compiled by Robert Roskoski Jr.

All data are derived from NIH year-end composite data for the federal fiscal year ending 30 September 2007, as released on the NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT).

2007 Rankings of Medical Schools and Their Departments

Total NIH Awards to each medical school in 2007

Total NIH Awards to all funded Medical School Departments in a given discipline

For each funded School of Medicine, lists 2007 annual rank and funding by discipline for individual departments

2007 Rankings of Other Health-Sciences Schools or Hospitals

Other 2007 Rankings

2007 Source Files

This 17-MB file shows BRIMR’s adaptation of NIH’s 2007 Worldwide list of awards, including R&D Contracts. Every table on this page, except the chronologic and state-population rankings, was derived entirely from this dataset.

A subset of BRIMR Worldwide_2007 providing comprehensive data on R&D Contracts only.

All Principal Investigators Worldwide including R&D Contracts.

Lists total 2007 NIH awards (excluding R&D contracts) alphabetically by discipline and grantee institution.

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